December 31, 2009

Out with 2009 In with 2010

Hey people, Christmas was fun. Spent in Lagos with Family and that day was my Uncle birthday so you can understand how it went down. But that Lagos was so hot I felt like walking about naked even under AC and Cathedral Fan(that's what my mumsy calls those large standing fans). But now I am spending New Year's Eve and part of the New Year Day in Abuja.... the rest of the New Year Day is going to be in Jos, going for a wedding. Am so gonna av fun....
So this is the cliché post that is done cos of the year ending, well am joining the band wagon. Their are a lot of things I am thankful for about 2009 and I know I will be thankful for more than 20 times this amount of things by year ending of 2010.
  1. In this year 2009 I was involved in a bike accident but nothing happened to me, I dont even know who sent me.
  2. I got a baby sister and she is so cute and troublesome but I love her all the same.
  3. My academic performance accelerated.
  4. I made super cool new friends, U my fellow blogvilleans.
  5. I made a very special new friend.
  6. I added a feather to my cap of age.(I am growing up not growing old)
  7. My cousin got married to a very nice looking dude and his expecting a baby.
  8. I could go on listing forever but I can like to stop here cos I am making a very large dinner.
I can like to say I am so getting a new phone in 2010. See my blessings are already entering. God na BABA. Anyways hope everyone had a perfectly beautiful Christmas cos I did. For the grand finale
BYE TO 2009
2010 my year of EXTREME BLESSING
PS: Going to church with the family this evening. Dont think I have ever missed that tradition. Who else has such tradition? I will pray for everyone sha....

December 14, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas

So after a long time in my personal limbo called school, I decided that it was time to take my blogging life back. So how has everyone been? I so missed blogging, but school work was plenty, still have one more paper to go though. I am now a twitaddict too + my FB addiction is still there. A lot of stuffs have happened, a lot really. I survived not going to school clinic for the whole semester so that my
Dr. wont have a reason to make me sin. Something terrible happened to my Run Tinz dude and I cant lie that I was unhappy about his misadventure, I was overjoyed it was right after I heard the rumors he was spreading about me.....LOL, I am only human. Recession even tried to touch me but trust me to find a way out.
But one major event that remain forever fresh in my mind was the jersey party I attended this semester. It was a very wonderful party fun and all. Then I decided to have a little too much to drink, I gulped down my drinks and that was the last thing I remembered. The next day, my friends told me of all my displays, It was so funny and I was so embarrassed. I was told I went as far as sitting under the table and shouting and apologizing to everybody. I even left my shoes at the venue of the party went to pick them up It took me three days to show my face anyhow in school and since I went late for my first class the next Monday, my lecturer asked if I was out late at a party and all my classmates started shouting yes and smiling. Although, people might think I regret that night but it was probably my best night out through out this semester, I had mad fun from the stories I heard and it also marked the beginning of some beautiful things in my ;) So you see why I do not regret that night.
So tis the season to jolly. I dont want too much just 12 things to mark my own 12 days of Christmas song.... lol. I ll post my gifts daily and today is Day 1 wish is The HTC touch pro2 it is so everything that I want
PS: I am still going to write my letter to Santa thought.

October 27, 2009

Been So Long

So i have been meaning to blog since my last post, i feel so bad, almost a month ago. I dint evn dedicate a post to my beloved Nigeria (which i av been meaning to smack) on her independence. I jst feel so bad, like the boy that doesnt call but expects you to remain
Anyway, back to main random koko, how av you all been? Hope I am the only one suffering from the revenge of the lecturers, cos i dont think i want my fellow blogvilleans to suffer same fate. Well twitter is the new ish taking everyone away and ol dt stuff... I have decided not to punish myself any longer. I will not be updating my blog until I am through with this semester but I will still be doing my blog rounds as usual. The guilt is too much but when there is very important gist i ll def, hurry with it. Although there is has been alot of them buh where to start from. I prolly give the full gist through a kind of series thing cos its really funny to a certain extent... You guys know I totally luv u all that is why no matter what happens, I ll always come back.

PS: Jeremih is the shit and I am on a P I dont want to jinx....

September 30, 2009

No F**king Today, Come Back… Never

So here is the thing, I don’t want to fuck you or I believe “Run things” was the phrase you used. That alone turns me off. There are a million and one girls around, the one you fucked the day I was in your room with your roommates.(No courtesy and nawa to the babe too). There is also the girl that you were professing love for on the phone when you thought I was asleep… I can go on listing but the whole point is I dont want to fuck you or even ever kiss. I do not want to spoil the prospects of you ever using your 9!©к, so do not allow me give you the talk that destroys every boy’s self esteem. Why do you have to be childish about everything? I am not the first girl saying no and I am def. not the last I am sure of that. Later you get the guts to call me a baby when you cant even behave like the adult that you are suppose to be. You go about with your fake britico accent, which by the way everyone knows it is fake. Do you know the insults I got for even ever standing to hold a convo with you but I took those insults thinking you were smart enough to realise all that I was doing. I even went as far as having a quarrel with one of my best friends ever cause of you and you def. werent worth it. First you embarrass and you dont apologize. It was until I was with someone else you realised that I haven’t come to see you in a long time(did you ever call me and that was like 4months) I tried to be friendly but you just have to realise that we cant ever be again so stop trying to embarrass me anywhere by referring to what we had. I am not denying anything but you know very well beneath that your ego that is too big for your body, that we are never ever going to be together again. I promise that the next shitty stunt you ever pull will cost you a lot. I am tired of being the adult.

PS: I so want the arsenal new kit but cant get one right now and its urgent jersey party is in exactly 3 days..... :-(


September 25, 2009

Boys are Like Roses

My dear Blog, forgive for I have sinned.This is my first blog post in 13days. I have fallen ill(yeah a bad sore throat, skull destroying migraine and a serious temperature), gotten a lot of assignments, gotten stolen away by twitter even facebooked for about 13hrs in this 13 days but i never for once forgot about I was always postponing cos I knew I needed special time to talk to you. I have had a lot of things to to you about but my lecturers believe others, even when I had 4days break my alter ego went on twitter was getting overtly addicted. I just got the reins of my life back today and you were the first I thought of…… ok, I thought about my software construction class first but still I thought you next. I realised if I dint write some things for you today it might be my last chance for a very long time to talk to you. My next two weeks are filled with what my parents and lecturers think is good 4 me, tests, midterms and many Assignments good enough for a whole primary school….

Back to my main story of boys being like roses. At first it was an hypothesis then I put it into an experiment on 4 different boys and I came up with my story of them being like roses. The story is normally like this before you start going out with them, they act all nice pretty and make you feel special just like how roses look before you pluck them all pretty nice. They are like this so that you are drawn towards you don’t notice the thorns in them and your problems begin immediately your start plucking them. First your can get hurt by the thorns when you pluck them just like boys their old dirty secrets start coming out from where ever they were hiding and hurting you a little bit just like the prick from the thorn, they will always stop hurting you after a little time. But that might just be the beginning of the problem, some girls dont bother to continue plucking it while others do and take it home. It’s either you put it in water or you dont. If you dont, it will die at some point before you realise what is going on. When you decide to put them in water and you dont let air get in the will also die. Now if you do both and you dont let some sunlight to get on them, same thing happens they still die. When you do the three, you enjoy them for a while before they are like all living things that die. Same logic goes for boys, they leave when you dont give them anytime(like saying boyfriend for mouth), they also go when you give them too much time and you dont allow them have alone time or socialize with their friends, even when you give them everything and forget to return a few phone calls they begin to question why you are avoiding them/ But if you treat them well with every every, they will be there for long, they will def. leave since they have to obey the law of nature that says all living things lie. Was that a convincing theory?

water - time

water and air - giving them everything and no breathing space

sunlight means breathing space

PS: I really totally completely missed blogging and a lot of drama has been going on around school lately. Apparently there exists a group that think they are gossip girls of the school spreading random gist and sending spam mails to people, I cant deny that I wasnt curious to know the gist but it wasnt all fantastic after I heard it....LOL

Just added some little stuff to make my ramblings more understandable if it's still not I ll break it down futher....


September 12, 2009

Naija Internet Shortcuts!!!!!

My fellow blogvilleans,

I got this from a friend and i wanted share and if you have seen it before just act surprised again it won’t kill…lwkm.

Make una read this list o. E don reach time wey we, as origina Naija
peoples go stop to dey use abbreviations like LoL, LMAO, LMAOROTF, BRB, WAS, etc etc. When we fit dey use abbreviation for our own exceptional street lingua. why?

  • your at work and your chattin, no amount of spyware and things go bother you, u go still fit yab your boss NS(nothin spoil) whilst u still dey answer the maga YB (Yes Boss).
  • Since our slangs are non-tribal, who knows, maybe this will further foster the bond ONE NAIJA, especially since its written and thus there's no chance of Danjuma pronouncing anything hillariously.
  • Hey, why not, I'm sure it'll be fun learnin and more fun
    indoctrinating others too.NLT (I shant translate this). As my brother
    would say; Is a hell of Lingua.

So peoples, LGT!

1. LWKM - Laugh wan kill me
2. LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die
3. MIDG - make i dey go
4. WGYL - we go yarn later
5. IGA - I gbadun am
6. ICS - I can't shout
7. DJM - Don't jealous me
8. WBDM - Who born d maga
9. UDC - U de craze
10. NUS - Na u sabi
11. WSU - who send u
12. OSABZ - over sabi
13. ITK - I too know
14. WDH - wetin dey happen
15. NDH - nutin dey happen
16. FMJ - free me jo
17. BBP - bad bele people
18. HUD - how u dey
19. WKP - waka pass
20. BBG - baby girl
21. KKL - Kokolette
22. MML - mamalette
23 GFF- Gbono fe le fe le (e.g., she GFF)
24. NTT - Na true talk
25. IKU - It koncain u?
26. NDM - no dull me
27. LGT - let's goo there
28. IFSA - I for slap am
29. IGDO - I go die o
30. YB - Yess boss
31. NLT - No long thing
32. 2GB - 2 gbaski (e.g., the song 2GB!)
33. CWJ - carry waka jorh
34. WBYO - wetin be your own
35. U2D - U 2 do
36. U2DV - U 2 dey vex
37. MKG - maka gini?
38. WSDP - who send dem papa
39. INS - i no send
40. INFS - i no fit shout
41. WWY - who wan yarn
42. NBST - no be small thing
43. NWO - na wah oooooo
44. NMA - no mind am
45. MIHW - make i hear word
46. NBL - no be lie
47. NB? - na beans?
48 wd - wetin dey
49. UNGKM - u no go kill me
50. o2s - omo 2 sexy
51. NDU - Notin do una

Hope you all remembered to laugh oh…… LSDKMD(Laugh Still Dey Kill Me Die) my own version

PS: Did you know that the true meaning of SWAG from the Flash Dictionary of the old was stolen booty or loot or stolen stuff generally? and Leggy has changed her url to


September 07, 2009

FilmTrick or BlackMagic or Jazz...

I am really not sure which it is but I am sure you my fellow blogvillean can help me detect it after this unbelievable story of mine which I still dont believe.

So I decided to be faithful to my Hepatitis B vaccine which I have been taking for about 5 years and have never completed it. I went to the school clinic to take when I met the doctor on duty who was sitting in the nurse’s office. I told him I wanted to take my vaccine and he then told me to sit and wait for the nurse. He begins to ask questions and I thought he was just trying to be friendly, you know the way doctors are(well some of them). He decided to start flirting with me and I thought he was just teasing so I was doing same and before I could say ‘jazz’ or ‘juju’ I was sitting in his office and we were talking about me being his girlfriend. I tried to comprehend the whole gist, still thinking he was joking and I pretended to be thinking about it. Then it got more serious so I decided to ask him if it was a joke or not and he said it wasnt a joke and he meant every word of what he was saying. I was shocked and told him it was against everything I stood for to date a married man cause he was cheating in his wife and I would be contributing to it. Immediately I said that, he called his wife(and did I forget to mention that the wife was very beautiful and they already had a child who is almost 11months). He put the phone on speaker and gave the wife of how he asked me out and the part that made my shock absorber break down was when the wife said maybe because he has not shaved or he wasn't looking fresh enough, she told him it was probably cos I was thinking about he even spoke to his baby. Chineke!!!! the dude in question and his wife are typical Naija people they no even get mixed blood and she has only been in Yankee for three years. I dint even know what to say. The dude sha gave me a million and one reasons why I should agree. I just did the guy wuru wuru and left his office to take my vaccine so I wont be late for my class. My own question now is that ‘What do you call it when the wife approves of it and is even in full support of it and she even goes to extent of giving her husband details on how to get the babe?’

PS: I just discovered a website yesterday that finds entertainment to be related to occult sturvs and even gives complete analysis of how he arrived at that conclusion as seriously how jobless can people get please just enjoy the entertainment is that too much to do. If you want to check out the website this is the link:


September 02, 2009

I Am Just Not That Into You

Congrats to Sir Scribbles on his 100th post. Happy New Month fellow blogvilleans(even though its belated)
Anyways, You will never believe that the guy I told I didnt like him the way he did me has been going about telling everyone that cares to listen that he is in love with me. It's now like a public joke round school, all my fiends torment me with it. "Abeg, make this guy no come pour san san 4 my garri oh!!"LOL. I am looking for fresh blood...oh what is it sef? I think its time to take drastic measures, I am just not feeling him, I have been trying to do it in a nice and quiet way but he doesn't want it, He wants everyone to know that I am not return all the love...nawa oh, fear catch me but I no run. He wants people to be tagging me as the heartless bitch, I decided that in my new path to self discovery, I will only do things that I will benefit from and he wont change that. I cant even vex sef. Its a new semester.
School is now back in full swing and every every, can't wait for all the rumours to start pouring in. Before we came back to school, a new rule was made that banned girls from entering into boys dorm except common rooms but the SGA fought for the abolishion of that and finally its going to be official tomorrow, all the people that have been giving us public show can now go private(as in see people everywhere in twos giving us some kind PSA, dont they realise the presence of underage new high school Nobody is even obeying the rules of car ban, all those rules na for
Dr. A will never cease to amaze me, he started teaching on the first day of class, it was like we never had a break from the last course when all normal lecturers will use first class as an introductory class. My Software Construction lecturer is so cute, he blushes alot and he is tries to speak pidgin although he is Now I have to start reading to keep up in class. I have a 4.0 target for the semester oh.... but that doesnt mean I am going to dull oh. People tend to imagine that all IT realated people are geeks but sorry to bust their bubbles, I love partying and I dont wear large glasses that cover my face and baggy clothes that hide my and I am still focused on my IT without them.

PS: I am supposed to be sleeping cos I have a morning

August 29, 2009

Move On...

FINALLY, I can breathe. The registration was very stressful but I finally finished. I am probably the happiest person in school. I got the perfect courses although that took alot. I had to smile alot today so I could look cute for all the people involved in the registration... LOL the power of an old teenager in a little girls body. Sometimes, I hate school and other times I just love being there...LOL(Confused Me) I want to believe their is this back to school speech that some guys reharse at home and come and spit it for girls I mean serious is their a place that a they all share this speech. One guy calls me and tells me of how I am not treating him well, that he really likes me and all that. the main koko of the story is why I dont want to go out with him. Two other guys tell me one of my friends same thing. I always thought that a relationship involves to people being in mutual agreement but these guys make it seem like its all about them. I mean you like me and I like you only as a friend is that too difficult to understand. PLS, the time as come for yo to outgrow me, now I almost regret being friendly with you on that first day.

PS⁞ My boys, P-Square, are really serious oh. They released a single and then the video after 24hrs. I hail them oh. Good luck to them sha and am not sure how i feel about the song but since its them, my first real love in 9ja jamz, I will be partial and just like the song. Link to song-

August 26, 2009


My blogville people, I am sorry I have been able to return all your comments it was all due to school wahala. So I have been in school for approximately 24hrs and I already feel Like blowing up the whole school in short the state itself(Its very far from my So registration is a b*tch, as in I dont even know what to do again. I have been waiting in the queue for so long I feel like 3yrs have passed me by. The dont attend to old students giving excuses that our registration doesnt start until tomorrow and today is for only Freshers(I loved my fresher days... No hustling). So I get to the guy doing my finance clearance and I gave him my *Puppy Dog Look*(which has worked only on Dr. A once(Shocking but true)). Before I could say *Registration*, I was done. Chei!!! it is dis short thing that I waited for so long. So I have still not done course registration cos some people are still trying to get over summer.
So my experience at the airport was the usual, from the people looking for egunje to the people paying too much for excess. This stupid airline charged me over excess almost 30kg extra, that I made sure they reweighed my box, me with already excess luggage they want to come and add about 30 more I resemble maga. As if that wasn't enough, the flight was delayed for more than an hour. The only good part was that I came back to school and saw the relevant people in my life.
Anyways, now that school is back almost back in session, I pray I dont become unfaithful to my blog. I dont want to be the guy that doesn't call for about 4 days...LOL.

PS: All the guys are already grabbing all them FRESH girls. They will come back they always do...LOL.

August 24, 2009

Random or What????

Hey fellow blogvilleans, introducing a new blogger Ociajan, her blog name is Shoes.Med.Dance. in my purple bag! the name says alot. Check it out.

Anyways, I have to go back to school tommorow... argghhh!!!! The thought of all the airport hutsle gives me headache. You imagine having to check in 2hrs early so that you can have a secured seat on a LOCAL flight that you have already paid for, probably 2 0r 3 weeks earlier. That's what pisses me off the most, then those foolish airport Areaboys will be looking for how you will give them small change cos they did their jobs... Who do they think they are? The Nigerian Police??? Those are the only people that have small "egunje" in their work policy. I just pray I dont have too much excess luggage. Packing is even an entirely different story, all the things I have to pack for school. Girls and their wahala!!!! Well boys dey pack to oh, thats how one boy had #70000 excess luggage. That can buy a ticket 4 more tickets. Dunno why he didnt even chatter a Jet.
I am officially hooked to this cool Nigerian Group - GXploits(Youtube Account) and their website is It consists of three boys all very cute. They have been I am so in love with all their songs. They have been around since 2002 but just got their 15 (million nd more) minutes of fame. Okay, I have heard only three think they just released their Debut album.
The Popular Singles:-
  1. Tear Rubber
  2. Bolu Merente
  3. Your Man(My personal favourite)
The #3 song is like serenading a babe and their voices are so on point. Maybe am just exagerating but I think this are my new 9ja entertainment luvs since P-Square, maybe I just have a thing for groups(not groupies....oh)But I have flings with the likes of D-Banj, MI and all them rest....LOL
Don't think I was random enough.

PS: I have been playing the Pirates of The Carribean Game and got stuck on the last level. That was so annoying. To make matters worse, I formatted my system, so i have to restart. This is even random...LOL

August 22, 2009

He Loves Her..

Hey my blogsville people, thanks for all your comments I found comfort in them. I am now able to live better with myself and special sincere apology to cerebrally busy for misspelling your name, the devil works in shockingly annoying ways(now I blame devil, of course who else to blame?). I would probably write a whole page of your name to show that am truly sorry, if you want.

Preparing for school has never been so annoying. My chequebooks(Popc & Mumc...LOL, let them catch my life) have both travelled and things aren't going as planned, whatever my enemies have planned for me will not work in Jesus name, Amen.
This Post is specially dedicated to my Parents(eventhough they will never see it). Today is their wedding anniversary. This two people are make the marriage thing look so easy although they have their ups and downs like every normal human being. My mum can be a typical woman at any point but my dad knows how to tune her. I f were him ehn I dont think the marriage to my mum will survive(Don't look at it the wrong way oh...LOL). I can proudly say in all their years of marriage I have never seen them fight. They would be the only reason I would ever believe in love.
DAD: He is the quiet one. The one that doesn't shout too much but he his very protective. He has been known to spoil me and my siblings wella. He is always ready to settle any ish with mum. He is basically the introvert. He supports any thing mumc wants to do strongly provided its for her own good. Although he can spoil us he is very disciplined and he doesn't take trash, for him God first then your books. You don't have any responsibility except your school work. I love him that way. He perfects her imperfections.
MUM: She is the action woman. Can cut off your head for something so little. She is very Ijebu(a strong accountant) She can be very fun at times and she can diss people very well. She is a party person(got mine from her) Anyway, she is the no nonsense woman, very strict. She's very annoying at times but my dad knows how to tune her. She also perfects his imperfections.
I pray that they spend all their life and many more years together in JESUS name. Amen
Happy Anniversay MUM & DAD.

PS: I have finally gotten the red bag of my dream. I am so in luv with red and purple.

August 19, 2009

Live For Today....

This post was inspired by Leggy's post: I hope I luv u all my life.

It got me thinking about him. I can't say I was in love because I don't know the meaning of that word and I have not met people around my age group that have been happy because of that word plus have got committment phobia but I was truly happy with him. Then I got scared, I didn't want this kind of feeling, it has never ended good for me and for sure All good things come to an end the timing of this is what makes the difference for evrything. So I couldn't be truly happy again, I was always waiting for when the rumours will start, the lies, the cheating, the deception, the mysterious messages, even the anger at seeing his face. I was never there emotional to enjoy the moments that we shared. My mind was always preparing itself for when all of it will change, I didn't want to suffer any emotional trauma or pain. I was so consumed by need to ready for the pain that I didnt realise when he drifted away from me. Maybe I pushed him away with my attitude of being there but never there. I know I blamed him for everything but now after reflecting I can't believe I was that bad. Even with all my preparation, I wasn't prepared for the feeling I got when I realised what he had done, it was painful. The thought of it being my fault is even more painful than him cheating. Now that I think of it I should take the blame for it all. Sometimes, it is not a guy's fault that he cheats. Maybe if I had let in him on what I was going through, he would have helped me get through it. He would have told me that I had every right to be happy. Maybe if I hadn't been bothered about when it was going to end I would have truly enjoyed it or it wouldn't have ended so soon. I am truly sorry I locked him out when you where supposed to be a part of it. I could only feel so much pain after it all, on the surface I felt like a BossLady after being over with him but now thinking deep down the feeling below was not sweet at all. I realised I did it cos I thought I needed to not because I felt like doing it. I can't bring myself apologize to his face or even his voice but I have learnt now. Maybe if he ever get to read this he will know that I am truly for what I did to him. Hope he doesn't meet another like me. My attitude of not living in the moment cost me alot: HIM.

PS: On a random note, Wande Coal has two videos to his Bumper2Bumper. The first was probably a due to recession but the new one his better in my own opinion.

August 17, 2009

I Hate School....

After my last post, I felt so happy and free. Summer holiday is almost over and I have to be in school in five days. School is just a part of life I hate so much. To make matters worse, my school just introduced to new rules that has disrupted the balance of nature:
  1. No cars except for seniors.
  2. Curfew is now 12am -5am.
What is even wrong with this people sef? I seem to understand the cars but what I dont understand is curfew after so many years, they just decieded to bring in curfew in the picture. Hisssss. Some those people in the north self are becoming crazy with their 'Boko Haram'. They just want to make my very dull social life worse. Anyway I have to start prpeparing to face my worse nightmare my Design Analysis lecturer ,Dr. A. The man is so organized and to principled, he works like an algorithm*. I think there is even a myth about him...LOL students and their stories. Anyway, Dr. A is just very creepy, he just gives me shivers. To make matters worse, he is my temporary advisor. He is actually one of the best lecturers in my school but he should cut us some slack. He deducts marks for the tiniest mistakes like a semi-colon or even a little spellling error. Chai!!! I just commit this Fall Semester into God's hand and pray my Russian lecturers get better with their English. All these I ask for in Jesus name. Amen
Algorithm - step-by-step procedure for solving a problem, often used for calculation and data processing and many other fields

PS: I called him up and dumped right infront of my house and that made me feel so renewed like a BossLady...LOL.

August 14, 2009

He Cheats, She Cheats......

Seriously, I am really concerned what is really wrong with some guys? Can't they see something good in front of them? They are the ones that cause us to cheat. I can't say that is right but in my own case it was his fault(Yes, I am being a typical girl). Some of the guys have met made me come to this conclusion. When a guy cheats and does all the "doables", he is a Player but a girl becomes a SLUT when she does her own doables... I am ranting yes, any guy I am not being nice to, it's not my fault but that of your fellow guys. I am not making a case for all girls just myself... My new resolution is: You cheat, I cheat. I know "Two wrongs do not make a right" but WTH?? I am tired of being goody two shoes. I don't want to be like the main chic in
JuiceGal's story. So if I cheat just know I am following your footsteps. This is what you have made me.
PS: I wrote this out of anger, frustration and am hurting real bad.

August 11, 2009

The Perfect Man....................Also Wants the Perfect Woman

When my friends and I are discussing about what we want in our guys, we list so many qualities like how he has to be tall, buff, handsome, very rich... you know the underwear model type, sensitive and all that but the bottom line is that we want the perfect man. Recently, I have realized that there is no such thing as the perfect man. If I get a guy with good packaging that I can talk to when there is no sex involved I would be probably very contented with that. It’s not like I don’t want a perfect man, but I just want a guy with money, very well educated and all that but I don’t expect him to perfect since I am not perfect. As Katt Williams (It might seem a foolish thing to quote Katt but this one is good.) said “if there is such a perfect man, won’t he want a perfect woman” or seriously what do I expect. Anyways it’s just that girls have to stop waiting for perfection and get on with their lives. Are they perfect themselves? Seriously the story of the perfect man is getting old. You will see women of about 30 and above still going about looking and waiting for the perfect. I had my dreams of the perfect man then I they are just what they will remain “dreams” and since they were crushed, I have gotten over it. Even my popc might be super dad but he isn’t perfect. All you need is a man that perfects all your imperfections and vice versa.

PS: If I see perfect man, I go marry oh....LOL, but I might consider if the person doesn’t stress me too much oh, I am not perfect oh and I no dey find perfect man.


August 09, 2009

FaCeBooK AdDiCt!!!!!!!

Hi, My name is TaioFierce and am addicted to Facebook. I know every and anybody has a certain kind of addiction to facebook but mine is a silly kind that can't be controlled. I realised I was an addict when I came up with these twenty reasons:
  1. I filled out a survey and they asked what is your most source of news and I picked out FB from many options.
  2. I stay awake till almost 4am to get on FB cos of internet problem at school.
  3. I have done more than 100 quizzes on FB people even notice.
  4. Every picture I take must be FB worthy.
  5. I get most of my advice from my FB comments.
  6. My most used word have become LOL, cos of commenting excessively on pictures.
  7. I was sent out of Java class for FBing and I just left and stayed on the corridor to continue FBing.
  8. On my chrome homepage, my most visited page page is FB.
  9. I started using phones to FB, when it becomes inaccesible.
  10. I realised I was a fan of 1000 pages, so I deleted about half and I am still adding more.
  11. I have made enemies of people I have never even met.
  12. I feel empty cos I had not checked my friends' status update.
  13. I got 100% in a quiz about whether I'm a FB addict or not.
  14. FB is always opened but it isn't my homepage.
  15. I only communicate with some people I see everyday only on FB, outside there we aren't friends.
  16. My mum knew the existence of FB from seeing it opened constantly on my browser.
  17. I crave to refresh my home page immediately it finishes loading.
  18. I could stay indoors all day and still know the gist, all through the day.
  19. I use it to replace my phone in times when recession affects my creadit balance.
  20. I refreshed my FB page at least 10 times before I completed this post.
LOL... Yes I am an addict.

PS: I have a special mailbox dedicated to my FB mails and alerts.

August 07, 2009

Daddy, Please Cut the Proverbial Umbilical Cord

My precious sweetheart (My baby sister) started crawling perfectly today and she was able to scatter things around the house so whenever we drop her on the floor, my mind is never at rest thinking she might pull down mumc's priced flower vase at a point.Then I started wishing she was still a baby that would just stay one place and cry if she needs something. I began to relate this to my popc's over bearing behaviour maybe this is what happens anytime I say "Daddy, am going out with my friends today." He begins to envision different kinds of scenarios for accidents I can get involved in or all the boys I am doing or better still hope he is not going to come to get me from one of the numerous "area 51's". He calls me for so many unreasonable things during my outings. I know how far his mind can go and then I realised that its time to allow my sister to play freely the only thing I can do is remove breakable things within her reach and pray she doesn't damaged the ones she can reach. Popc should realise that by instructing me well, he has removed all the things I can break and all he can do now is hope I utilise his fatherly advice well. He should know that he wont't always be there its time he starts allowing me to live my life, if I am going to spoil I will no matter what he does so all he can do now is pray and hope that he taught me well. In letting me have my freedom he will have peace of mind. Daddy, Please its time to cut the proverbial umbilical cord.

PS: My swithrt is about to destroy my laptop charger, all because I am trying to let her have her freedom...LOL

August 05, 2009

Ghosts of a Girlfriend's Past

Disclaimer: This story is about one of my girlfriend's and I felt like writing it in a first person format so don't get confused. Enjoy reading. No names have been mentioned so as to protect their identities.

No, its not the movie. Its just my own personal ghosts resurfacing again. I just started believing that Karma is a Bitch. Yes she is, me am always feeling so good with myself cos I really dont like giving "My Guys" the "it's Over statement" so I do what I know best in such situations, runaway. I start avoiding the person, stop taking calls, bringing up excuses not to see the person. I continuing doing all these till the point is driven home. I always tot yes these guys are sharp, they get my drift easily. I started getting on with a guy I liked and then my own personal ghosts started resurfacing. Yes, every guy that I ever pulled my Chicken Tactics on started calling and remembring my existence.
The first phone call came in when I just started feeling my new guy. He called to tell me that he was just going thru his fonebook and he saw my number. That was when he remember we never called it off, we just stopped talking(People pls dont they mean the same thing). I didnt even knw what to tell him , I just by-passed the thing and told him I was busy I would call him later. So like a trigger all others started contacting me through facebook, all sorrts of messengers, text messages, phone calls and what nots. I was so confused, I even started having problems with my new guy. I just don't know what to do. if it were just one guy it would have been easy but five... mahn. I'm sure karma is there laughing at me. The main problem is I dont want to enemity to develop between me and any of these guys. I don't want to loose my guy over this. Karma, I promise never to leave loose ends anywhere if I get throught this.

PS: Pls any help on how to deal with this without creating enemity will be appreciated. I av also tried to convince her to tell em straight buh she's saying its easier said than done.

August 04, 2009

Fortish Men that look for Aristos aint the Sh*t

Hmmm, blogville is anoda crazy world on its own. I av been on since morning and am not seeming to mind. I av been wondering were I waz wen all thousands became blog crazy which i am probably becoming now. I am very alert so as not to miss any blog worthy event...LOL. I av been reading so many blogs since like Sir Scribbles, ExSchoolNerd, AfroBabe, The Agbero, Naija Bad Boy and many others. Everyone I av seen has been very nice, after reading some blogs I felt like I connected with some of them just the same way my mind disappears in a perfect novel. Just want to say Kudos to all of them.
Some randoms things were just happening around me today, while I was trying to feel like a hooked blogvillean(adapted from words like European, Nigerian...), my mumsy decided it was time for me to go on her many errands the style of a typical Nigerian Mother, its time for her first daughter who would be married anytime soon to start taking charge of some duties like going to wuse market to get some food stuff. I almost went crazy cos going to that place was terrible the hold up there was bad for Abuja although I should be used to it I mean I lived in Gidi almost all my life why should my Ajebota side show now. Anyway,she gave me a list with the price of each item beside it(My mum is a typical Ijebu woman who won't let you run anywhere with her extra cash). Anyway I rush in for a quick shower and get going. At the market all those market boys started their pullling and dragging marketing strategy. I was so mad cos it took me almost twenty minutes to get a cab. Alll I wanted was just to get to the food stuff section and run back to my beloved system(It mite not be great but my iTunes library keeps me hooked since my phone got stolen). I felt like killing them but I didn't. I just got what I needed and was just about leaving the market when this fortish man(probably my popc's age) came to me and started speaking some things like that. He said he had seen me in Universting of Abuja(Gwags) and I avnt even been to the place, I just stoodthere waiting for a cab to come by. The man continued his incoherrent speeches with me drifting away. When I finally heard what he was saying it was my number he asking for. I almost craze dere. Imagine this man oh!!! Even if I decide to become an aristo is it old men without cars I ll go for. A cab came along just at that moment and I just rushed in. During the drive home I began to count the number of fortish men that I av encountered and I decided there was probably something about me that attracted them, I am very sure I don't even look old cos many people still think am in sec. school even some of my relatives me this grandmother in Uni am even already a Junior sef and they still attach sec. school me. Back from digressing sha, I finally got home and dropped the stuff in the Kitchen I tell E(Our househelp) to arrange the stuff and ran to my room, mumc didnt even know I was back until she called me(via my temporary calculator excuse for a phone) asking if it was land I was bargaining. Mothers and their attempts at humors. Well it didn't end so bad cos I came back to blogville.
PS: I ajust realized that Naeto C's Superman is so cool. It has been in my iTunes library for almost a year and I just listened to it yesterday.You should listen to it, very nice song.

August 02, 2009

Who are you?

Happy Sunday!!!! Today was a great sunday for. Hope it was gud for u too. anyway
back to the topic, in today's sermon, the Reverend preached on this topic and it got me thinking. Seriously , I just realized before then that I really didn''t know the answer to that question. Then, I started answering it then and I came up with some stuff. I realized that I could be any freaking body, all I have to do is believe i can be all that, not some self deception

  1. I am resourceful, grateful and blessed.
  2. I am willing to face my fear of being left alone, standing apart in a crowd but I have realised that from uniqueness lies greatness
  3. I am more loving to myself when I have the courage to set limits.
  4. I am powerful and strong.
  5. I have the courage to love and support myself by acknowledging my intrinsic worth.
  6. I have self-discipline to resist temptation and distractions.
  7. I am willing to forgive everyone that has wronged me
  8. I am full of energy and creativity.
  9. I am optimistic. I look on the bright side of situations.
  10. I am full of love and energy.
  11. I am resilient.
  12. I can courageously handle anything as I take it one day at a time.
  13. I am able to focus on my priorities and keep the main thing, the MAIN THING!
So I implore anyone reading this to do the same try and answer that same question that determines a lot........ "WHO ARE YOU?"

PS: I made a new discovery, if u go down to Gurara Falls in Niger State, and go back up... doing that like 1ce or 2ce times removes all unwanted excess buh seriously


August 01, 2009

To Blog or not to blog, That is a question

"To Blog or not to blog, That is a question"
Obviously the title makes it seem like am some crazed Shakespearean lover but that's quite the opposite I even totally dislike Romeo and Juliet....... Anyway, the whole point of me blogging is that I hope to find my inner voice through whatever I write hopefully. I believe it is in writing about reality that you live in reality. I decided to start blogging on the 1st Day of August, 2009, am doing this cos I want the new month to have a significance in my path to discovery. Here goes my first blog.
PS: Happy New Month.......
TIBA(Till I Blog Again)