August 02, 2009

Who are you?

Happy Sunday!!!! Today was a great sunday for. Hope it was gud for u too. anyway
back to the topic, in today's sermon, the Reverend preached on this topic and it got me thinking. Seriously , I just realized before then that I really didn''t know the answer to that question. Then, I started answering it then and I came up with some stuff. I realized that I could be any freaking body, all I have to do is believe i can be all that, not some self deception

  1. I am resourceful, grateful and blessed.
  2. I am willing to face my fear of being left alone, standing apart in a crowd but I have realised that from uniqueness lies greatness
  3. I am more loving to myself when I have the courage to set limits.
  4. I am powerful and strong.
  5. I have the courage to love and support myself by acknowledging my intrinsic worth.
  6. I have self-discipline to resist temptation and distractions.
  7. I am willing to forgive everyone that has wronged me
  8. I am full of energy and creativity.
  9. I am optimistic. I look on the bright side of situations.
  10. I am full of love and energy.
  11. I am resilient.
  12. I can courageously handle anything as I take it one day at a time.
  13. I am able to focus on my priorities and keep the main thing, the MAIN THING!
So I implore anyone reading this to do the same try and answer that same question that determines a lot........ "WHO ARE YOU?"

PS: I made a new discovery, if u go down to Gurara Falls in Niger State, and go back up... doing that like 1ce or 2ce times removes all unwanted excess buh seriously



RocNaija said...

"I have realised that from uniqueness lies greatness"

Never a word truer said..

TaioFierce Ameen said...

Yup!!! truest words....