August 07, 2009

Daddy, Please Cut the Proverbial Umbilical Cord

My precious sweetheart (My baby sister) started crawling perfectly today and she was able to scatter things around the house so whenever we drop her on the floor, my mind is never at rest thinking she might pull down mumc's priced flower vase at a point.Then I started wishing she was still a baby that would just stay one place and cry if she needs something. I began to relate this to my popc's over bearing behaviour maybe this is what happens anytime I say "Daddy, am going out with my friends today." He begins to envision different kinds of scenarios for accidents I can get involved in or all the boys I am doing or better still hope he is not going to come to get me from one of the numerous "area 51's". He calls me for so many unreasonable things during my outings. I know how far his mind can go and then I realised that its time to allow my sister to play freely the only thing I can do is remove breakable things within her reach and pray she doesn't damaged the ones she can reach. Popc should realise that by instructing me well, he has removed all the things I can break and all he can do now is hope I utilise his fatherly advice well. He should know that he wont't always be there its time he starts allowing me to live my life, if I am going to spoil I will no matter what he does so all he can do now is pray and hope that he taught me well. In letting me have my freedom he will have peace of mind. Daddy, Please its time to cut the proverbial umbilical cord.

PS: My swithrt is about to destroy my laptop charger, all because I am trying to let her have her freedom...LOL


Anonymous said...

he he he fols dont do that...they simply dont let me go out that much..lmao.

TaioFierce Ameen said...

Dts gud 2 sum extent... buh my popc is trin 2 pull d nt so strict look nd it aint workin 4

Gee said...

lol @ ur sister..
i lilke the way u likened ur daddys advice to that of ur sisters situation..

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TaioFierce Ameen said...

tanx nd ll spread word of ur E-service...

RocNaija said...

Not to worry..

The same way it dawned on you with your sister, is the same way it'll damn on him someday..

Question though.. How come you have a sister that crawls?!

*Scratches head*

TaioFierce Ameen said...

I pray dt day is
My crawling sister is a totally diff, my mumc's miracle