May 20, 2010

18 and Forward!!!!!!

Yippee!!!! Finally turned 18 yesterday.... Legal in some countries...:) So excited had dinner with few friends and got cake and a Givenchy perfume from a very sexy special someone *blushing*. Although physically I do not feel any different but I have psyched myself into feeling my cells have evolved into one that's a year older. I still feel same way I felt yesterday only sexier... LOL (I tend to feel that way on all my birthdays probably even when I was one...LOL) My LDB did a lot of magic.....;)

Anyways, now that I am 18 I will surely have embassy
My Prayer for 18 is that God would be with me, guide me, protect me and lead me in the right direction. Everything I lay hands on shall be fruitful in Jesus name Amen!!!!
P.S: Took so long for my picture to upload...:)
Love, Peace and Chocolate