March 01, 2010

I No Fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been a really long minute... Happy new month, Good luck as you March into the rest of the year. I really just had to blog today.
So last week there was this sudden increase in school fees that probably caused more than required damage to the school structure. My school can like to pride itself as the most expensive and one of the best universities in Nigeria(notice the use of one of best cos saying the best would bring controversy...:)). Anyway, there is the agreement that fees can be increased by 10% every year but this year, the school as decided that would use our head for dodo and increased the fees by 37.1% I might call it 419 scam but then again it is way more than that. This is not just day light robbery, it is ripping, obtaining(u know how it is done with a smile...smh). You know how you will think students won't bothered cos of their parents wealthiness and we go about thinking it is those of us striving to survive that would be affected but this turn of events has made all students unite. There was a peaceful protest on Thursday about the increment, the interim President was first afraid to come out but after all that she finally showed face and whined about shit!!! Students have boycotted classes since then although the efforts of thursday was not a joint one but this Monday morning, the SGA has made sure no student goes for classes. The lecturers understand our reason to be taken seriously. Although I know if these fees are increased, I might have to take my results and go to Teacher Training College and become computer teacher...LOL, but jokes aside if I was an international student I would understand the need to pay so much but really what kind of scam are these people trying to pull. To make matters worse when the press got a hold of the story the interim president as been falsifying the gist. Anyway, I suspect it is the unavailability of a president in this institution of mine that is causing all these damage. Now we are like Nigeria without Yaradua and the Turai(Interim President) is doing what she likes with our mind... Last I checked, the president is supposed to work in the interest of the student. God help us all.
PS: Vals week was good.... I blushed like a school girl all over again.
Love, Peace and Chocolate.