October 27, 2009

Been So Long

So i have been meaning to blog since my last post, i feel so bad, almost a month ago. I dint evn dedicate a post to my beloved Nigeria (which i av been meaning to smack) on her independence. I jst feel so bad, like the boy that doesnt call but expects you to remain faithful...lol
Anyway, back to main random koko, how av you all been? Hope I am the only one suffering from the revenge of the lecturers, cos i dont think i want my fellow blogvilleans to suffer same fate. Well twitter is the new ish taking everyone away and ol dt stuff... I have decided not to punish myself any longer. I will not be updating my blog until I am through with this semester but I will still be doing my blog rounds as usual. The guilt is too much but when there is very important gist i ll def, hurry with it. Although there is has been alot of them buh where to start from. I prolly give the full gist through a kind of series thing cos its really funny to a certain extent... You guys know I totally luv u all that is why no matter what happens, I ll always come back.

PS: Jeremih is the shit and I am on a P I dont want to jinx....